Wedding Cakes

All of our wedding cakes are designed to suit your unique requirements. Wedding cakes can be made in many different shapes and sizes, in any colour or flavour you want!  The possibilities are endless – from handcrafted sugar flowers, piped flowers to intricate piped designs, from modelling to hand painting.

The wedding cake gallery shows both contemporary and classic wedding cake designs and any of the cakes that are shown can be adapted to reflect what you want for your special day, to make the cake unique to you.

Cake Makers in Wimbledon

Finding a local cake maker in this prestigious area of England is a real treat! Home of tennis and the beautifully preserved Wimbledon Common and Wimbledon House, it really means a lot to make wedding cakes for the locals here.

Wimbledon is divided into two: the village and the town. The village sits at the top of the common, near the High Street. Parts of it have been preserved from the original medieval village and it is a very prestigious area in London to setup home; though prices are very high! The town, on the other hand, is what is so brilliantly modern about Wimbledon. It has been built around The Broadway ever since the construction of the railway station in 1838.

At Cake Magic UK we love this mixture of the high end with modern innovation and incorporate these themes into our wedding cakes Wimbledon-style. We are always looking to develop our recipes but hold true to our classical ethos and always, always produce high quality. After all, a wedding cake simply must be the best of the best.

A little known fact is that Wimbledon is also very proudly the home of the Apostolic Nunciature to Great Britain, an ecclesiastical office of the Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain, which is situated on beautiful Parkside.

Wedding Cakes

In fact, the wedding cake dates back to Roman times. However, rather than a beautifully elaborate cake Wimbledon, with tasty filling and sweet icing, a Roman bride and groom would share a piece of barely bread loaf. The groom would then break the remains of the loaf over his bride’s head!

In Medieval England, cakes and sweet buns were often stacked up and the couple would kiss them in front of their wedding guests. This is probably the origin of the wedding cupcake tower. The wedding cake then went through several variations, including the Bride’s Pie, which consisted of sweet breads and mince meat. It also contained a glass ring, which, if found, meant you’d be the next to marry. Just like throwing the bouquet today. Plum cakes were also popular for a time, though they were still single tier cakes.

The multi-tiered wedding cake supposedly came about in London, not so far from Cake Magic, in the late 18th-century. William Rich, a young baker’s apprentice had fallen in love with his master’s daughter and designed a cake like the spire of St Bride’s church in order to impress her when asking her to marry him.

This may only be a tall tale but slowly multi-tiered cakes became very popular, though only in Royal circles. Obviously, those on the wages of an apprentice like William Rich would struggle to afford such large cakes back then. And some were very large! Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh had a wedding cake which stood nine feet high and weighed 500 pounds!

The joint cutting of the cake by the bride and groom first came about because of the thick icing. After all, a multi-tiered cake needs thick enough icing to support its own weight!

Book a Consultation for a Wedding Cake in Wimbledon

We recommend that you come for a consultation to discuss your ideas. Please note that wedding cake consultations are by appointment only.  It is advisable to place orders for wedding cakes well in advance to ensure that your date is available, especially during the summer months, which get especially busy.